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Sherlock Holmes Future

Sherlock Holmes Future

Sherlock Holmes: he is so clever and can see the things which the others can’t; so he’s different from ordinary people. Human being never like a person who is superior to and different from them, so Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have any friend. Against this behavior of people, He also admits that he is superior to the others and is proud. He wants to show that others not important for him and does not value the lives of people. But later he will understand he values humanity and the lives of humans. he has two reason for this: first, he can’t always behave well, second, which is so important refers to his characteristic, as no one understand and love him, he accepted that he has no heart.

If you accompany his characteristic, you will be sorry for him, because you will understand his feeling, being an ordinary one is so boring for him and being common is like a hell for him. So he prefers to focus on his job which provided an opportunity to be real and use his exceptional strength. Sherlock’s past, people’s behaviors, being different, Lack of understanding of his ideas by people and society problems, transformed him into a person who, when someone reads the book, will be sorry for him. But on the whole, he speaks mockingly and tries to show himself superior. Sherlock recognize his mistakes too early and fix.

On the whole, Sherlock is clever, sharp-sighted, sensitive, always available, careful and keen, serious and at the same time humorous.

John Watson: Watson is completely different from Sherlock. He prefers to have an ordinary life. He is far away from excitement and unusual works. During the novel, we will show that he is not so ordinary. Being friend with Sherlock, helps him to be real. In another words, these two complement each other.

James Moriarty (Bad character of the story): The battle of good and evil which is one of the main subjects of literature and cinema, always requires a positive strong pole and an attractive negative pole.

Negative pole is complementary to positive pole, because if there were not any badness, never goodness had opportunity to show itself. Creating a good character is not hard at all and can be created with stereotypes of a positive pole, but the important point is to create a fantastic bad man, as this is the bad man who give value to the good character even that good character is stereotyped.

Mycroft (Sherlock’s brother): he is an ambitious person who boasts of his special power and position in the high-ranking level of government. He helps Sherlock and supports him.

On the whole, he works in the high-ranking level of government and using his positon, helps Sherlock in his works.

In this set of writings, there are other characters such as:
John Watson’s fiancée, Police chief, deputy director and the staff of the police, president, General Police Chief, FBI, mayor, CIA organization, exploration groups, forensic medicine, army and ground, air and sea forces, the staff of president, white house, parliament, and the authorities of some countries which are in the story, ….

In this set of writings, you will read about some accidents in some countries such as European countries, American and Asian countries.

In a brief look at the book:
The subject of this series is originally a mystery, in which there are phenomenal scenes, action and drama. That’s why we can say that there are four themes of enigmatic, incident, drama and action in this book.

One of the most important issues of this series, which makes this collection different from other published books, is that the audience can be directly involved with the book. So that consider themselves as Sherlock, and using the evidences and clues obtained by Sherlock, the audience will come up with results and answers by using them.

For example, in each section, there are questions that are simple but at the same time hard which will be asked from audience or some puzzles are designed which will not be solved, and audience should find their answers. The duration of answer to puzzles in each section are up to the next series or section, with prizes tailored to each question, ultimately, the final answer of thirteenth part of this collection which is to find that bad man has a special prize and millions of dollars.

Note that this sets of writings, is completely accurate and computed, its issues are related to each other and are completely realistic and have no imagination or magnification. Issues are mysterious and from every perspective each puzzle will have one dimension of answer.

Puzzles are so simple but without subtilize they will be hard. The sections are designed to interconnect puzzles, which makes the audience more confused and mislead.

This series will be thirty sections; each section will contain several accidents that will affect its pervious and next section and will be relevant to them.

Thefts, murders, explosions, breakdowns … are part of this book.

All parts of the book (roles, ideas, puzzles) are completely precise and interrelated and are planned so that if one of these (roles, ideas, puzzles) changes, the book will be changed and you won’t find the answer.

This eventful, action, drama and mysterious series doesn’t include only one country, but some accidents will happen in some other countries such as Japan, Germany, Britain.

Very brief explanation of this set of writing:
Someone wants to challenge Sherlock, he is so determined and self-confident that says indirectly one of us you or me will give up at last. He also says that I will win and you will never find me, and leaves a lot of signs. This bad man will rob the central bank, cause explosions and ultimately murders. Those who this bad man wants to murder are categorized to six groups:

Group 1: Prostitute women of society
Group 2: Police and corruptor authorities of society
Group 3: Great offenders and rich people who have made their money in this way
Group 4: Drug dealers and their leader (boss) and drug manufacturers
Group 5: murders who were not prosecuted or whoever not punished but indeed they were criminal
Group 6: People and Friends of Sherlock Holmes

The place of robbery on the whole book was only a one place which was the Central Bank of America.

The places where this bad man will blow up are crowded and busy and economical places of society, such as stadiums, shopping centers, malls, touristic sites such as the Eiffel Tower and … so that no harm occurs to the people of the community.

As each person gives one answer to each puzzle, the person should buy every part of the set of writing, a code will be given and the code can be used only once. This cause that no one misuses the answers of puzzles, that is, each person can’t give several answers by chance.

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