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Who is Sherlock Holmes?

Who is Sherlock Holmes ?

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective recreated by Sir M.A. he is so clever and can see the things which the others can’t; so he’s different from ordinary people. Human being never like a person who is superior to and different from them, so Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have any friend. Against this behavior of people, He also admits that he is superior to the others and is proud. He wants to show that others not important for him and does not value the lives of people. But later he will understand he values humanity and the lives of humans. he has two reason for this: first, he can’t always behave well, second, which is so important refers to his characteristic, as no one understand and love him, he accepted that he has no heart.

If you accompany his characteristic, you will be sorry for him, because you will understand his feeling, being an ordinary one is so boring for him and being common is like a hell for him. So he prefers to focus on his job which provided an opportunity to be real and use his exceptional strength. Sherlock’s past, people’s behaviors, being different, Lack of understanding of his ideas by people and society problems, transformed him into a person who, when someone reads the book, will be sorry for him. But on the whole, he speaks mockingly and tries to show himself superior. Sherlock recognize his mistakes too early and fix.

On the whole, Sherlock is clever, sharp-sighted, sensitive, always available, careful and keen, serious and at the same time humorous.

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